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Furi are a Kent-based branding company that help brands reach their goals. We develop successful brands that connect with the right people.

How we help

Consult with recognised experts in Branding

Furi helps professional companies., clubs and associations to sharpen up your brand image, communicate the right messaging to the ideal clients, build a great reputation and highlight your expertise. We are committed to developing solutions that don’t just look and sound great, but actually work !

Establish the right image for your company or club

With an extensive range of options available, we have the right products to concentrate your branding where it matters, making an impact and building your visibility. From sportswear to promo t-shirts, we have a wide range of clothing to suit every target market.

Dropshipping Solutions

Whether you are looking for a white label solution for your business, or simply print on demand for your company, club or association, our dropshipping solutions save your business money.

With our flexible approach and in-house printing facilities, we are able to offer very cost effective solutions, working with you as you grow.

Twisted Angel

Furi are proud to offer Cool and Twisted clothing designs from the Alternative Model Group: The Twisted Angels

Let's Create Together

Get in touch with Furi and we'll be happy to sit down or connect with you on Zoom to discuss your requirements.

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